Gift A Smile

Hi everyone,

COVID-19 has impacted many families and we have seen unemployment rates skyrocket. I have been thinking for a while on what I can do to help make a difference during this time in the most efficient way. When I first came to Canada, I remember distinctly my parents taking me to a large warehouse during Christmas time. The space was sparse and there were long line-ups. When we got to the front of the line, the volunteer (I presume) passed me a giant black garbage bag filled with items. Back then, I had no idea what was going on, but once I came home I realized that the black garbage bag was full of...TOYS!

Looking back, I now realize it was because my parents were unable to purchase Christmas toys for me themselves due to our financial circumstances. Luckily since then, my parents have done well for themselves and we no longer require these services. However, it was due to someone else's generosity that as a child, I was able to receive all of those gifts and smile bright on Christmas like every other child.

This is where the idea of this program came from. Every Gift A Smile purchased will result in two AC plush toys, necklace, or t-shirt donated. One is a gift from you, and one is a gift from me. As Christmas approaches, I hope that we are able to gift many children smiles this December during this hard time.

Toys will be donated to local charities in Calgary, AB. I will be updating everyone on how many toys we are able to donate + where each toy was donated prior to Christmas 2020.

Click here to participate! 

Thank you for reading and participating in this program!

Much love,